Free Windows Hosting

On this page you will find some of the best Free Windows hosting companies offering top Windows Web hosting services.

There is not reliable free Windows Hosting providers at the moment, but you could consider cheap Windows hosting services where you could find reliable Windows hosting services or as low as $2.49 per month.


What is the latest Windows Server version?
Its Windows Server 2019, but the most recent packages are with Windows 2016 version.
What applications could be hosted on Windows?
You could use the latest ASP.NET stack and to host ASP.NET Core, as well as ASP.NET 4.7 application. You can also host PHP, Python and Java apps.
What are the supported databases?
The most common installations are with MS SQL 2016 and MySQL.
I want to order a plan, what payment method are accepted?
Usually the companies accept all major payment forms as Credit Cards and Paypal.
Can I use Windows server to host a business and ecommerce website?
Yes, you can also host a WordPress – Woocommerce website and to accept online payments.